With an unrivalled range of over 30 leading products, specially developed to deliver outstanding performance across the spectrum of abilities from beginner to world champion, Lyalvale is the cartridge of choice for shooters in many countries.

Precision Engineering

Our art is in combining the very best components from all over the world, before putting them through our rigorous testing processes to deliver a perfectly engineered cartridge that you can trust to give unrivalled performance with every shot.  We subject our cartridges to rigorous testing to ensure consistent ballistics and patterns across each individual range – so you get the same high levels of power and precision every time you pull the trigger.

Bespoke Componentry

At Lyalvale, we have the advantage of special relationships with manufacturers across Europe, allowing us to cherry pick components for each of our products.

Rather than sticking to a one-size-fits-all formula, we source bespoke blends of powders to achieve blistering ballistics across our entire range, whilst minimizing recoil, to make our cartridges as light as possible on the shoulder; we use precision made, tempered brass caps to ensure perfect ejection every time; our lead shot is specifically engineered to our specification, ensuring it holds good patterns at even the furthest range.  

Outstanding Performance

As a result of our world-class componentry, rigorous testing, and our commitment to quality, Lyalvale’s Express Excel is the only British produced shotgun cartridge to have won an Olympic Gold Medal – along with many World, European and prestigious National titles.