Supreme Twenty Fibre 30 grams

Supreme Twenty Fibre 30 grams

Supreme Twenty Fibre 30 grams

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The Supreme Twenty Range of Lyalvale Express 20 gauge cartridges were introduced to compliment the already successful 12 gauge cartridges. The competition loads available in 20 gauge from Express have been developed to accommodate the most discerning of shooters, whether the fibre wad is preferable to the plastic wad or the light load is required for UT disciplines – Express have the answer.The cartridges in this range have been specifically designed to give the 20 gauge shooter optimum performance and quality irrespective of which discipline he chooses. The Supreme Competition 20 gauge 67mm (2 1/2) cartridge is available in 21gm. Carefully selected top quality components and the finest propellant from Vectan it performs without compromise. Whether the chosen discipline is UIT or CPSA the superior patterning and shot string combined with low recoil guarantees exceptional performance even at the most difficult of targets.The painstakingly developed formula of hard hitting low recoil cartridges throughout the Express range remains inherent in the competition loads.To achieve such a reputation we only use the finest components. The case is a distinctive yellow to prevent accidental mixing with a 12ga. The powder used is the very well respected Vectan propellant made in France by the Nobel Sport Group. Vectan powder achieves consistent ballistics while being clean burning and efficient. As with all Express cartridges the lead is of finest Italian quality, all told this combination of components gives rise to the ultimate in 20 gauge performance. Heavier loads with low recoil for game shooting True 65mm 2 1/2 inch cases. Low felt recoil Low head height for improved ejector operation  

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Game Fibre



Case Head Height


Chamber Length

2 1/2in (67mm)



Shot Size

6, 5




Case Colour